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Aimé Badjoko

 At the very early age of 5, Aimé was sent to school in Belgium, where he had to get used to another kind of cuisine. All his childhood, travelling back and forth between Belgium and Congo, Aimé enjoyed a vast array of Congolese and Belgian flavours meeting in a tasty melting pot.

In Belgium, France, Chad and New York City, where he lived and worked, Aime’s parties became the most sought after thanks to the…buffet.

Having improved his skills in the food business, he is ready to share with you what his family and friends are always eager to dig into; his finger-licking dishes, which are not really Congolese or really Belgian, but simply “Congo-Belge”.

Bon Appétit!

"The flavors of Africa and the sophistication of Belgium have arrived on the Upper Eastside.

Put Congo-Belge on your speed dial for a special take-out experience."